Massage therapy

At LES Acupuncture & Bodywork, we offer various massage therapy options catered to the various needs of different individuals. Massages are offered on Saturdays and Sundays by Appointment only and are administered by our highly talented and skilled therapists Erica Valdez and Meena Kurup.

Swedish massage is a popular beginner's full body massage known for its light to moderate stroke. Its benefits include increased blood circulation, muscle relaxation, joint lubrication, and calming of the mind.

Sports massage is geared towards athletes, weekend warriors, or to treat sports related injuries. The massage will focus on a group of muscles that are causing discomfort, rather than a full body massage. Timing will be of the essence for an athlete when receiving a sports massage and is dependent on the goal they are looking to achieve.

  • Pre-sporting event: Before a sporting event, an invigorating massage is performed for 15-30 minutes, stimulating muscles for improved maximum performance.

  • Post-sporting event: A post-sports massage will help flush toxins, normalize muscle tissue, reduce inflammation and soreness.

  • Maintenance sports massage: This massage relieves aches and pains, increases flexibility, and reduces tension to prevent injuries.

Deep tissue massage uses deep pressure that is tolerable to the client while releasing muscle tension, fascia, and knots. Myofascial techniques used by the massage therapist will be slow and deep, lengthening and releasing tight muscle fibers. Some people may experience discomfort, but it should not be painful. Muscles that are constantly tense, even when the person feels otherwise relaxed, reduces blood circulation in the body which can lead to an area of local or referred pain. Once these areas are massaged, local tissue will receive increased blood and oxygen, flushing toxins away. Generally, individuals will notice increased flexibility, pain reduction, and relaxation immediately.

Tui Na (Chinese manipulation massage) originates from a comprehensive system of Chinese medicine. It is a form of manipulative massage therapy used to treat musculoskeletal disorders. Its translation means to lift and grasp. Tui Na massages along the meridians, pressuring acupuncture points to relieve a myriad of symptoms and reduce local pain. Tui Na techniques effectively decreases acute and chronic pain located in the joints, ligaments, and muscle tissues.

Reflexology has roots in ancient Egypt, China, and India. The practice is based upon a map of relex locations on the feet that corresponds to different areas of the body. A Reflexologist massages pressure points that correspond to the body's organs and skeletal system. Benefits includes deep relaxation (sometimes more so than a full body massage,) stress reduction, increased blood circulation throughout the organs correcting imbalances, and pain reduction.


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