"Doctor Lee is an amazing acupuncturist, I was always skeptical about acupuncture, but I once had terrible anxiety and was overwhelmed with stress. He explained why I was going through what I was feeling, and took his time trying to cater my treatment specifically to me. Since then I've turned to him for everything! I've recommended him to many of my friends and all of them have felt the same." -Mike J.

Back Pain

"The best acupuncturist that I have been to. We work on cupping, acupuncture and massaging. When I leave the office, I feel like a new person. It's an amazing feeling for someone who suffers from back problems (although not so much anymore!!) Having studied in Beijing, he has a broad knowledge in the field and uses that in how he treats his patients and with the questions that he asks you. The pricing for his services is very fair. He goes above his line of duty to help his patients and it is clear he is passionate about what he does. I am so glad I found him!" -Sasha C.

Bell's Palsy

"Dr. Lee is the best. I was diagnosed with a mild case of Bell's Palsey and I read online that acupuncture would speed up my recovery. My face is back to normal and I highly recommend Dr. Lee. It's affordable and he's very nice." - Ashley L.


"Dr. Lee was awesome. Very attentive and skilled at his craft. I went in with a cold and felt better immediately and was almost 100% better within 24hrs. The location is very convenient and the office is clean and you get private rooms (unlike some of the shared room practices). Highly recommend!" -Joel K.


"Ansgar Lee is an expert acupuncturist and is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and Chinese herbal medicine. I went to see him about eczema, a problem I have had since childhood and which Western doctors usually treat with cortisone creams. Ansgar, however, treated the itching problem associated with eczema with acupuncture and the rashes with Chinese herbal ointments and Chinese herbs in capsule form. Then too he made adjustments in my diet which were definitely helpful. After several weeks of his treatments and guidance I am free of both the itching and the rashes. In addition to being expert in his practice of acupuncture, Ansgar is also charming and friendly. A very happy patient," -Todd L.

Elbow Pain

"I am so happy with the services from L.E.S Acupuncture & Bodywork. I came in for acupuncture due to an injury in my elbow that was bothering me for about 3 months. I only had one session for my elbow and the pain went away. Even though my elbow isn't bothering me anymore I still come once a week for the massage therapy and see results. I feel much less tension in my body after only a few sessions." -Sasha T.


"I am a 32 year old female and I have had migraines for the past 10 years. After years of taking triptans, making major lifestyle modifications, and even resorting to more invasive treatments (botox for migraines on head and neck), nothing has worked very well. I decided to try acupuncture after a recommendation from my GP at NYU Langone. 

Ansgar has worked out a treatment plan that includes acupuncture, deep tissue massage and Chinese herbs. Within a few weeks, I have had significant positive results and my family members, including my spouse and mother, also have noticed a change in the frequency and severity of my migraines. I have not only less migraine pain but also less neck pain and am more aware of additional migraine triggers, such as spinal triggers.  I feel like, for the first time since my early twenties, I can have more evenings when I feel normal and do not have pain." - Dominkia J.

"Ansgar is the most amazing acupuncturist. Immediately, after he puts in the needles the pain goes away. I've seen him several times for mostly neck and upper back pain which gives me tension headaches. His technique is so effective that I don't need to go as often now. He is also super nice. His office is really clean and modern." -Jodie V.

"I went to a neurologist who diagnosed me with chronic tension type headaches. She put me on a bunch of medication, but I hated the way they made me feel. I also did not want a "band aid" for my headaches, I wanted a solution. As soon as I went off the meds, they came right back; in fact, even on the meds, I could still feel that they were slightly there. I found Ansgar through the chiropractor in which he shares an office, Dr. Prisco. I have gone to see him 7 times now and my headaches are virtually gone. It is AMAZING. They have been decreasing less and less in pain/intensity and I no longer have them every day. I will continue to go to Ansgar more for my headaches until they are completely gone, but I feel like I have my sanity back. He's been incredibly thorough and helpful in analyzing how I feel from a holistic point of view. He explains his treatment and why it works/is helpful. I've already recommended him to a few of my friends and know that if I run into any other issues down the road that I have a trusted acupuncturist I can call." -Laura A.

"I first head about Dr. Lee from my neurologist where I was suffering from chronic and painful headaches. Upon her recommendation, I have come to learn that Dr. Lee is an incredible acupuncturist. He is compassionate and listens to the patient. He works diligently to solve the patient's ailments and is not satisfied until the patient is improving to a state where he/she is a thousand times better than when he/she first met him. I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone and everyone who is looking for either medicine to complement their Western medicine or as an alternative to Western medicine." -Sarah G.

Low Back Pain

"Ansgar has really helped speed up my lower back recovery. I hurt my back last month while doing dead lifts at the gym, and have been in a lot of pain for several weeks. After a few acupuncture sessions with Ansgar, I have more mobility and less pain in my lower back. He is very friendly and professional. I was worried about getting acupuncture for the first time, but he listened carefully to my concerns and made me feel at ease about the process. He also takes time to understand my injury and where the pain comes from in each session. I definitely see a significant improvement on my back." -Lorraine L.

"Let me just begin with saying that Ansgar Lee is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and  professional. I came to Ansgar for lower back pain. This was my first time getting acupuncture and i was really nervous. Ansgar took his time and answered all of my questions. The office is really clean. The moment I walked in I felt calm and relaxed.  After my third treatment with Ansgar I noticed a significant change. I was no longer in excruciating pain. I was so happy that i was now able to go back to my regular activities. During the sessions I felt very calm. I have been going to Dr. Lee for about 8 sessions now and I feel amazing. 
Thank you Dr. Lee for the amazing work that you do!" -Sofijka M.

Hip Pain

"What a find! Dr Lee (Ansgar) is an excellent acupuncturist and also supplements his treatment with some deep muscle massage. I had chronic hip pain from driving and sitting too much and a physical therapist and exercise weren't helping. After a few sessions with Ansgar plus following his recommendation to use a certain herbal supplement, I'm no longer in pain. Plus he's a very positive presence and extremely thoughtful in his approach. If you are in need of pain relief, I highly recommend giving him a try. Nice office space, too!" -Susan S.

Morning Sickness

"Dr. Ansgar is wonderful! He was very attentive, listened to my issues, and thoughtfully customized the acupuncture sessions for me. I came to him because I had really terrible morning sickness. The nausea and vomiting were so debilitating that I could hardly go to work and stomach anything but liquids with electrolytes. I tried various foods, vitamins, and other suggestions to reduce the sickness, but nothing seemed to work and in fact, it got progressively worse. My doctor prescribed medication, but I wanted a natural remedy so, I turned to acupuncture. I went to three sessions in one week and after the session, I felt tremendously better and continued to feel better after each subsequent visit. Seeing Dr. Ansgar was one of the best decisions I've ever made and highly recommend him to everyone!" -Jane P.

"I've had morning sickness and nausea around the clock 24.7. I've spent all day on the bathroom floor retching and dry gagging and have been feeling horrible for the last week, progressively getting worse. I was desperate for relief. I've tried ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, name it, I've tried it. I found Dr. Lee and decided to try acupuncture. When I went into the office, my nausea was at an 8. After the needles at certain points, it instantly went down to a 2, then a 0. After treatment, it remained at a 0 and it has been the most relief I've ever had the whole day and am actually feeling great. Loved the clean rooms with dimming lights, soft music, and heating lamp. Really helps holistically. If you are looking for a reliable person/acupuncture place, you must book an appt here with Dr. Lee." -Priscilla W.

Menstrual Cramps

"My first experience with Ansgar(Dr.Lee) surpassed my expectation. I went there for women's issue of severe cramps a while ago. At first, he thoroughly checked my medical history and symptoms and gave me an acupuncture treatment along with massage therapy. Ansgar is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly! I felt instantly relieved after the treatment from him." -Chloe J.

Neck Pain

"Dr. Lee is AMAZING!! Ansgar is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease from the start. I was in a car accident and had been seen by several md's and prescribed many meds w/ horrible side effects. I had multiple therapies and there was talk of surgery. A girlfriend recommended I try acupuncture, and I decided to see Dr. Lee on her recommendation. I loved him from the start. After a few acupuncture with massage treatments I started noticing a difference in my symptoms, so I kept going. Soon after, I was able to completely stop my meds, so no more side effects. Fast forward 6 months... Neck pain is gone. Numbness in my arm, gone! Back pain is almost nil...Most importantly I'm post-accident surgery free. My headaches have stopped completely, and I am sleeping better than I ever remember. I even notice I get sick a lot less since going to see him for regular treatments. He really is a healer of body and mind!" -Dawn D.

"So happy I trusted these reviews and got treated here. I've been struggling with pain and limited motion for a number of months due to arthritis in my neck and have tried other acupuncturists, physical therapy and a chiropractor. Despite all these efforts, there was no noticeable change until Dr. Lee put needles into me, when things seemed to loosen up immediately. He has a different system than other acupuncturists I've used and I trust it will continue to be helpful. I'd had no hope and was getting cranky so this was important. Also, he's pleasant and delightful." -Sybil S.

"I have been coming here for massage and acupuncture ever since i was referred by my friend. I am currently learning muay thai and have accumulated many injuries that has not been properly healed. His acupuncture and massage has helped gotten rid of my pain and restored my movement in my lower back and neck which has plagued me for many months. I highly recommend him to anyone who is experiencing any pain!" -Simon C.

Rib Pain

"I started going to Dr Lee upon recommendation from my aesthetician. I was experiencing severe rib pain caused by my allergies/subsequent coughing. I was on 8 different medications and had tried 14 different ones by the time I went to my first acupuncture appointment. I was frustrated because I was taking so many medications and didn't felt better. I was ready to try anything and I was happy Dolma sent me to Dr Lee. After a couple of sessions my rib pain subsided and after a few sessions I was able to take myself off of most of the other medications I was taking for my allergies. Dr Lee is very knowledgable and has definitely helped me tremendously with my health issues." -Kristina H.

Shoulder Pain

"I fell on my shoulder while snowboarding and it was painful for me to raise my arm up. About two weeks went by and the pain was still there. I assumed it would take a month to heal but Ansgar Lee treated me with acupuncture and majority of the pain went away in my first session. I was surprised, i didn't know acupuncture can treat my shoulder pain that quick." -Brian T.

"Dr. Lee (Ansgar) is wonderful at his craft. I went to him over a year ago for massage therapy for a recurring shoulder injury. Bursitis had been diagnosed. When I went to see Ansgar I hadn't played tennis, or lifted weights, in two months. Within a couple of months my shoulder had improved significantly. Now, a year later, I am almost back to normal. Recently, at his recommendation, I tried cupping, which has also proved beneficial. Not only is he a great massage therapist, but also a wonderful person!” -Felix C.

Urinary Tract Infections

"I’m absolutely blown away what a few needles can do! I've been a victim of UTI & vaginal discharge for many years. I have been to many urgent cares, gynecologists, and many doctors trying to find out why I get UTI so often. but it was always the same routine: take blood sample, talk about my history, prescribe antibiotics. I feel as if it's a never ending cycle. I decided that I needed to try something new. I went to Ansgar one time when I got UTI and was in so much pain I could barely move. He placed a few needles on my arms and legs and within a few minutes, the pain went from 90% to 30%. He said I would need at least 6-10 more treatments to treat my reoccurring infections. It has already been a few months and I haven’t had any UTI or discharge whatsoever. I will go to Ansgar with any future problems I may have, he gave me faith that I can be cured!" - K. L.


"I’ve seen acupuncturists throughout my life for various ailments, but I have never experienced the true eastern approach as presented by Ansgar Lee. I have seen him for digestive issues, back problems and general well being and I have never walked away from other treatments feeling so “healed and alive!” This young man is the real deal." - Peter A.